A man has been convicted of murder in Braunschweig. The victim’s body has not yet been found.

The accused in the Braunschweig trial for a “murder without a body” has to go to prison for life. The regional court convicted the 51-year-old man of murder on Tuesday.

After seven months of taking evidence, the Trial Chamber found the federal police officer’s guilt to be proven, although no body has been found so far. The whereabouts of the longtime friend is still unclear.

There was no trace of the corpse

In April 2021, the accused German is said to have attacked his 51-year-old friend in his garden in Liebenburg (Goslar district). He is said to have driven away his heavily bleeding victim in his van. The car was found at the former Dutch Pavilion in Hanover, but there is no trace of the body.

According to the conviction of the court, the suspect from a long-term affair finally wanted to enter into an official love affair with his wife. However, the woman showed no willingness to leave her husband. “He stood in the way of living together and had to go,” said one of the judges in the verdict.

Investigators found a pool of blood on the terrace, bloody drag marks and the missing person’s broken glasses. Significant accumulations of blood were also found inside the car. Based on further evidence, the chamber assumes that the father of the family is no longer alive.

In addition to life imprisonment, the public prosecutor’s office and the private prosecutor had demanded the determination of the particular severity of the guilt. The defense wanted an acquittal on the murder charge. The defendant himself remained silent throughout the trial. The judgment is not final, an appeal is still possible.