Victoria Beckham has been a guest on TV shows around the world for several decades. But today the designer thinks back to one moment with particular astonishment.

The ’90s and ’00s were a different patch for women in public. Moments that seemed normal back then seem very outdated today. Victoria Beckham has now remembered such a moment.

Victoria Beckham opens up about a strange TV moment

In 1999, Beckham guest-starred on TV host Chris Evans’ show, known in the UK for his salacious behavior. It had only been two months since their first son, Brooklyn, was born, but Beckham looked — apparently — the same as before the birth. A fact Evans addressed head on. “A lot of girls want to know because you look amazing again, how did you get back into shape after giving birth?” he asked the former Spice Girls singer. Beckham replied she didn’t do much. But the moderator apparently didn’t want to leave it that way and asked if her weight was “normal again”. “May I have a look?” he asked her, getting her to step on a scale while she was still in the studio.

“100 pounds isn’t bad, is it?” he commented on Beckham’s weight. A scene that the fashion designer still remembers today. In Australian “Vogue”, from which the “Daily Mail” quotes, she has now addressed the incident and pointed out how strange Evans’ behavior is from today’s perspective.

Your body has been analyzed

“I was on a TV show with Chris Evans many years ago and I had just had Brooklyn and lost a lot of weight after that. That happened to my mom after her pregnancies too. It doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder. And he turned me on put the scales to weigh me. Can you still imagine that today?” she asked in conversation.

However, the incident on Evans’ show fits into the reporting from back then, according to the 48-year-old today. The public has repeatedly analyzed and criticized her body, she said. “After I got Brooklyn, there was a picture that pointed to every single part of my body that I was supposed to focus on to lose the weight,” she recalled.

Source used: “Daily Mail”

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