have Already fallen for the second day in a row, multiple crypto-currencies. The Bitcoin as the most recognized and oldest digital currency, has lost in the night on Thursday on the trading platform Bitstamp 9.5 percent of its value and is now at 6.253 US Dollar. On the previous day, the Bitcoin had a 7 percent loss, so that the crypto currency has lost within a period of 14 hours and more than $ 1,000 in value.

Other digital currencies, such as Ether, XRP or Eos lose part even more than the Bitcoin value. According to the industry page of Coinmarketcap the value of 1.900 crypto-currencies since Wednesday of nearly $ 240 billion to the current level of 202 billion dropped.

digital strong rate currencies are often subject to fluctuations. A report of the business magazine Business Insider for the recent price slide responsible. Accordingly, the investment Bank Goldman Sachs does not want to enter the trade with crypto currencies.

After the Bitcoin reached at the end of last year, with around 20,000 dollars of his all-time High, the interest of the investors towards the new digital currency. Reason is mainly that there are still no exchange-traded index Fund (ETF) on digital currencies.