Rolls-Royce and an SUV – that’s not the point! Long Rolls-Royce parent company, BMW graced to build a off-roader with the Spirit of ecstasy on the grille. But today, it’s A car without the SUV? The not quite sure.

in the Meantime, the wishes of the clientele were able to overpowering, especially since there are competing models, the noble, so the super-rich is appropriate – if, even without a cooler character – to the picnic. Now there is the Cullinan, which combines immense comfort with off-road ambitions. The classic elegance of Phantom or Dawn can be in the case of all-terrain vehicles are not to be expected, it remains a very imposing appearance. In terms of surfaces, proportions, dimensions, and the ratio of body to glass, one can speak of the Expensive version of a Range Rover.

Offroader: Cullinan – the first SUV from Rolls-Royce Fullscreen

Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019 – 5.34 metres long.

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Only at drive of the Cullinan is driving in his own world. The engine comes from the Phantom. The turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine makes 571 HP and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. With this more-than-powerful engine of the four-wheel drive sprints, despite its 2.7 tonnes in 5.2 seconds to 100 kph. At 250 km/h is electronically sealed. The standard fuel consumption is a stately and 15.0 liters of Super and can be outbid on appropriate driving style slightly. Even if the brand is planning to repudiate your entire Portfolio in the long term, ECM, is planned, not even a hybrid version.

Effortless and silent

Despite the SUV’s dimensions, the Cullinan, as one would expect from a Rolls-Royce: effortlessly and silently. Dark Windows and the double glass with a thickness of six millimeters to keep glare from the sun and noise from the interior. Due to its sedan-like air suspension along with four-wheel steering drive of the colossus as if by magic. Bumps in the road are not felt. If you have gotten used to the too-smooth servo support, with the giants from Goodwood felt with the little Finger, through all of life’s situations.

Bentley Bentayga snow exit, in absolute luxury-SUV press inform

in fact, pushes the perceived sovereignty of borders. The massive empty weight of just under 2.7 tonnes is not dubbing. Where other car manufacturers are fighting for every gram, have installed the Rolls-Royce-developers alone 100 kilograms, in addition, to make the Cullinan so quiet and subdued like no other vehicle. The sporty gait, therefore, is not the strength of the British Allradlers. In fast cornering the luxury high-seat leans noticeably to the side, and also the pitch movements are due to the comfort suspension is more noticeable than other vehicles in its class.

A heavyweight

The driver can choose between six different driving programs or the work of the networked technology. A pressure on the off-road button on the wide center console and the Cullinan does everything automatically – from the accelerator line to increase the ground clearance on an adjustment of the control systems. The Super’s SUV is quite something. The fording depth is 540 mm. Back on solid Terrain of the button is pressed again and there is more litter on the street. The technical background needs to and doesn’t want to deal with the driver anyway.

the luxury inside, knows no limits, you can expect at least 315.000 Euro expensive Rolls-Royce Cullinan. In the interior with leather, Wood or customization, the customer is allowed to let off steam. He has the choice of whether or not the Cullinan is supposed to be a comfortable five-seater with rear bench or a four-seater with comfortable seats, rear champagne cooler and separator plate to the load compartment. The surcharge amounts to at least € 16,000. The space in the interior of the front and rear opulent. Even without a long version of 5,34 meters long five-door large enough and the occupants in the second row is comfortable, the legs stretch out, while behind the electric flap soft-lined trunk is available.

The innovations. The Cullinan is the first Rolls-Royce, which has a large tailgate. You should keep at Ikea, even the rear seat folding backrest, and reach up to 1930 liters of load volume.

Something modern, it could go on the dashboard. Here are the British with their control modules for the air-conditioning, gear selection, display, or sound system are caught up in the Tradition. However, the fact remains that Rolls-Royce, with its off-road debut sets a new benchmark in the class of the terrain.

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