Did you used to love chasing Donkey Kong through the jungle? Back then, the consoles were called Playstation One, Gameboy or Super Nintendo. We looked at five new editions. To the controllers, set, go.

Gaming giants like Sony or Microsoft keep bringing new consoles onto the market. The penchant for nostalgia has led to manufacturers relaunching cult consoles with contemporary technology and relying on old games and designs. Would you like to reminisce? Here are the five most popular retro consoles.

1. Nintendo

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini (also: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)) is the front runner when it comes to cult consoles. Hardly any other console drew so many players under its spell then as it does today. And not for nothing. Games like “Donkey Kong Country”, “Super Mario World”, “Super Mario Kart” or “Secret of Mana” await you on the new edition of the Nintendo Classic Mini.

With the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, Nintendo has other consoles with a nostalgia factor in its range. The former is a hybrid console that can be connected to the TV or used as a handheld. The Switch Lite, on the other hand, is a handy handheld console and ideal for on the go.

2. Sega Mega Drive Mini

In 1990, the Sega Mega Drive console was very popular. The remake Sega Mega Drive Mini offers 42 games with a nostalgia factor. Including games like “Sonic Spinball”, “Earthworm Jim”, “Tetris” and “Castlevania: Bloodlines”. You can use the console via HDMI connection. Two gamepads are included and are reminiscent of earlier times.

3. Sony Playstation Classic 

The Playstation One remake is slightly smaller than the original. The new Playstation Classic gets power via a practical USB cable. You can connect the retro console to your television via an HDMI cable. There are also two controllers and numerous games such as “Final Fantasy VII”, “GTA” or “Rayman”.

4. Mini Arcade Machine

The Mini Arcade Machine is small and handy. On the new edition, you can play the 240 games on the console in color. It requires a bit of tact because the arcade machine is actually mini. But the fun and the nostalgia factor are worth it. The small console is ideal as a gift.

5. Gameboy-Clone

Whether Gameboy Classic or Color, everyone was crazy about the handy consoles back then. There is currently no remake from the manufacturer, but there are clones that want to compete with the original. In terms of performance and game variety, the clones are not up to par, but if you want to wallow in nostalgia, you can play your way into the last millennium with this Gameboy clone for around 25 euros.

The nostalgia cult

Whether fashion, sweets or consoles, nostalgia is iconic. Nowadays it’s fashionable to look to the past for the best classics and revive them. In this way, memories from back then come alive and create beautiful moments. Retro consoles are therefore very popular and bring back many popular games.

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