Cummings need to lay off, and behind Johnson was talk

In the United States, half-mast flags in memory of the victims of the coronavirus, which in the country is approaching one hundred thousand.

In the North-West of Germany several people were infected and 50 were quarantined after visiting the restaurant. This is the first such case since the country newly opened catering establishments.

meanwhile, in the European Union brewing a new split about how to recover from the victim of the pandemic economy. Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, calling themselves “economic Quartet” announced a plan under which the worst hit by the coronavirus countries need to make loans, not grants, as suggested by Paris and Berlin.

And in Britain for violation of quarantine call for the dismissal of the closest adviser to Boris Johnson.

the Closest adviser to the Prime Minister Johnson Dominic Cummings demanded that the journalists to keep a safe distance. While the official grossly violated the rules prescribed by the government. Instead of mandatory isolation in her home Cummings and his wife, at the end of March contracted a coronavirus that moved from London to his parents in Durham, in the North of England. The opposition is demanding his immediate resignation, but the Cabinet of Ministers claim that Cummings was forced to leave in order for his child to take care of his sister. During the alleged disease Advisor to Johnson and his wife with no one to contact.

the ladder Cummings took off with Brexit – he headed the campaign “vote for secession”. And even became the hero of the series, he played the role of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron called Cummings a “psychopath”. In the government consider him an upstart. But for the first time the opposition has a real chance to remove him from the political scene.

“the Rules of isolation is very clear: if you or any of your household suspected coronavirus infection, you should immediately isolate themselves and not to leave the house. However, the main adviser to the Prime Minister, it seems, believes that for him and for the British people, there are different rules” — say the labour party.

After the illness Boris Johnson appears in public very rarely. Behind his back they are saying that he changed for the worse. The famous British biochemist, Nobel laureate Paul nurse has accused the government of incompetence: “I constantly wonder, do we have an effective government system that would combine scientific findings and political action? And, more importantly, who really is in charge of decision-making? The Ministers, the health system or maybe scientists? It is not known. And the main question: and these people, whoever they were, know what they’re doing?”

On 1 June in the country set for the opening of primary schools. There is already fumigating.

“Children will enter and exit groups through different doors. They do not intersect even on the way to the toilet and changing rooms. As for Breakfast and lunch, they will bring from the school cafeteria into classrooms,” said one of the teachers. But whether, in practice, to keep children from close contact, is unknown.

the incidence in Britain decreased significantly. But public opinion polls show that 60% of Britons do not believe that it is not necessary to hurry with opening the schools. More than half of respondents believe that the easing of the quarantine prematurely.

In England is now actively immune testing e-passports, although scientists still argue about the quality of the antibody tests and how stable immunity to coronavirus infection.