Everything is getting more expensive, including the beer at the Wiesn. Visitors to the Oktoberfest will have to shell out up to 13.80 euros for a beer. Even for water almost 10 euros are due.

Wiesn visitors have to dig much deeper into their pockets for a beer (one liter) at the first Oktoberfest after the forced Corona break.

The price is between 12.60 euros and 13.80 euros, as the city announced on Thursday. Compared to the last Oktoberfest in 2019, the price has increased by an average of 15.77 percent. At that time, a beer cost between 10.80 and 11.80 euros.

If you drink water, you get away a little cheaper. The liter costs 9.67 euros on average, which is 80 cents more than in 2019. The festival was canceled twice due to Corona.

The city of Munich does not set the drink prices. As the organizer, she checks the prices quoted by the restaurateurs and compares them with prices in the city area. According to the city, the beer there currently costs between 6.70 euros and 11.20 euros per liter export.

The Oktoberfest landlords cite high inflation, increased personnel costs and massively increased energy prices as reasons for the price jump. A very large item are also material and craftsman costs in the area of ​​tent construction, said spokesman Peter Inselkammer of the dpa.

“It’s good that the sound limit of 14 euros has not been broken,” said director Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU). “Nevertheless, the beer prices are quite high. In the future we will have to make sure that the Wiesn remains affordable. »