“As usual the surface” called the administration’s position of Donald trump in the Kaliningrad region, the Governor of the region Anton Alikhanov. Earlier the adviser to the President for national security Robert O’brien in an interview with German tabloid Bild called the Kaliningrad oblast “a dagger in the heart of Western Europe”.

given its geographical position, the Kaliningrad region should be a place of profitable Commerce, tourism, social interaction between Russia and Western Europe, said the representative of the US administration. But Russia, unfortunately, has made the region “a closed military base, bristling with high-tech weapons and missiles,” said O’brien.

According to Alikhanov, with tourism in the region all is well, and the statement about “closed military base” does not cause “nothing but a sad smile about the unpreparedness of American advisers”. In the last few years the number of tourists in the region increased by 17-20 percent annually, and the airport of Kaliningrad in 2019, has served a record number of tourists, he says.

From July 2019, the citizens of 53 countries can travel to the Kaliningrad region via visa, recalled the Governor. For six months, the actions of this regime, the region was visited by almost 100 thousand people, and he hopes that the region “will return to such numbers when the opportunity arises,” said the chief Executive officer of RBC.

Perhaps O’brien simply “offended that we have introduced e-visa, after which we had a large influx of poles and Germans, but were not Americans,” quoted Alikhanov TASS.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Baltic fleet reported that the multipurpose fighters su-27 naval aviation held in the sky above Kaliningrad oblast doctrine on the interception of the intruder boundary. According to the Baltic fleet, a flight of su-27, held a training dogfight and intercept air targets specified in the framework of the planned flights. The fighter worked a search for the perpetrator and the attack, dodging missiles, conventional enemy, “Interfax”.