To celebrate his sister Lynne’s birthday, David Beckham shared a rather unflattering photo. “Evil and awesome,” says one fan.

Lynne Beckham, the big sister of soccer star David Beckham (47), celebrated her 50th birthday on Sunday (May 29). To celebrate the day, the Briton shared a family photo and a portrait of his sister on his Instagram account. “Happy 50th Lynne I hope you have a great day sis you deserve it P.S. Sorry for the second photo,” he captioned his post.

While the first photo shows Lynne, David, their little sister Joanne and their father David (74), the second photo only shows Lynne as a teenager – in an unflattering shot.

Fan is sure: “Evil and brilliant at the same time”

The fans in the comments are sure: This will cause trouble for David Beckham! “A photo that only a sibling would post. Evil and awesome at the same time,” reads one comment. “I wouldn’t be happy if you were my brother,” wrote another user. “No amount of apologies should forgive you for the second photo. That’s really mean,” joked another subscriber. Meanwhile, Lynne’s public reaction to the picture is pending.

It’s extremely rare for fans to get a glimpse of Beckham’s sister. The 50-year-old has her own Instagram account, which the athlete even linked in his post – but this is private. Lynne Beckham also keeps out of the public eye as far as possible.