World premiere for David Hasselhoff and Henry Hübchen: They will present their action comedy series “Ze Network” in Monte-Carlo.

“Ze Network” is about to have its world premiere: RTL’s action comedy series will celebrate its first public screening at the 61st “Monte-Carlo Television Festival” on June 19, 2022. The broadcaster announced this on Friday. The main actors David Hasselhoff (69) and Henry Hübchen (75) should therefore be on site.

The Hollywood star and Grimme Award winner play himself in “Ze Network”. A theatrical role in the series throws the two actors at the center of an international conspiracy of former Cold War assassins…

That’s what the series is about

First of all, it says about the content of “Ze Network”: David Hasselhoff is at odds with himself and wants to finally shine in public again after all these years. The offer of a theater from Germany is just right – and then from East Berlin. How fitting! The Hollywood star has always felt understood in Germany. Here he meets the German acting star Henry Hübchen, who is to take on the second leading role alongside him in the play. But when the supposed scene theater from East Berlin turned out to be more of a tranquil theater far to the east of Berlin, veteran star Hasselhoff began to have more and more doubts about his decision. When he then slips into an international agent conspiracy, the chaos is perfect. Where did he get himself into? What the hell does Henry Hübchen have to do with this? And what of it is real?

David Hasselhoff described the project, which will consist of eight episodes, as a “dream come true”. The series is “funny, deadly, creative and informative… simply thrilling. Fact or fiction, you decide,” said the former “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” star.

Lisa-Marie Koroll (24, “Bibi