Deal with a race: the American authorities are ready to make any concessions for African Americans

In the United States celebrated the day of the abolition of slavery. Marches and rallies were the most massive in the history of the holiday. In some States, governors even declared that non-working day with pay for employees in particular blacks.

Thousands of rallies across the country, hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. But this time only to the posters that the black life is important, added another one – with the requirement to declare June 19 a national holiday on a par with independence Day, and make it off.

“This day, June 19, symbolizes freedom. It represents hope, it represents our future. So I need to be here today, obliged to be here because I am hopeful,” says March participant Ron Robie.

Officially, slavery was abolished in the United States President Lincoln in 1863. However in the South it remained for another two years. June 19, 1865, Texas became the last state to abolish slavery. For blacks, this day has become a holiday that is celebrated annually. But on this scale, and even with banners demanding to punish the officers, celebrate first.

“I feel that now there is a change. In my entire life I have never seen such a movement for the rights of blacks. Mean, many times we have seen police officers killed black men and women. And there were protests after that. But this is the first time I saw this level of protests when the number of people has not diminished,” says Joanna Blackwell.

Democrats, however, have decided to take advantage of the opportunity to earn points before the presidential elections. Initially supported the demolition of the monuments to the confederates, and then introduced a bill to dismantle the same monument in the Capitol with orders to Nancy Pelosi shot portraits of speakers from the South in the building of the house of representatives.

Well, in the end supported the protesters ‘ demands to make the Day of liberation from slavery weekends. However, this year, some governors and so decided to declare June 19 a day. Apparently, to somehow appease the crowd.