Dean Butler reflects on his time playing Almanzo Wilder in the iconic series The Little House on the Prairie with a sense of gratitude. At 68 years old, the actor, writer, and producer is set to release his memoir, Prairie Man: My Little House Life and Beyond on June 25. In sharing his life experiences, Butler aimed to be authentic and honest, especially when it came to his time on the beloved show.

While the memoir does include anecdotes about his co-stars Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert, Butler clarified that his intention was not to create a “tell-all memoir.” Instead, he wanted to provide a balanced perspective on his experiences, acknowledging both the positive and challenging moments.

Butler’s journey in the entertainment industry began when he was a shy high school sophomore announcing the varsity basketball lineup in 1971. Since then, he has found a sense of belonging on stage, valuing the connection that comes with being part of a production. His role as Almanzo Wilder on Little House struck a chord with fans, many of whom have fondly recalled him as their first crush.

The actor appreciates the impact his character had on viewers, especially when fans approach him with their families to share stories of admiration. Butler’s upbringing taught him the value of transparency, and he strives to interact with fans authentically, ensuring they feel a genuine connection to the person behind the character they loved.

Reflecting on some of the show’s most memorable moments, including the first kiss between Almanzo and Laura, played by Gilbert, Butler acknowledges the significance of those scenes. Despite the pressure and attention surrounding such pivotal moments, both actors approached them with sincerity and respect for the characters they portrayed.

Looking back on his time on The Little House on the Prairie, Butler is grateful for the opportunities it brought into his life and the lasting impact it has had on audiences. As he prepares to release his memoir, he hopes to continue sharing stories that resonate with readers and honor the experiences that have shaped him.

Prairie Man: My Little House Life and Beyond is set to be released on June 25 by Kensington Books, and is currently available for pre-order. Butler’s reflections on his time on the show and the lessons he has learned along the way offer readers a deeper insight into the man behind the beloved character of Almanzo Wilder.