Declassified documents of the former Advisor to Donald trump

U.S. Intelligence declassified documents, Michael Flynn, former assistant to the President Donald trump on national security. Open access was, in particular, the transcript of the conversation with Flynn Sergei Kislyak, who held in 2016 post of the Russian Ambassador in Washington.

Leakage of these conversations was involved in the case on charges of Russia meddling in the us presidential elections, and collusion with trump. All these accusations have been repeatedly denied in the Kremlin and in the White house of the United States.

According to declassified documents, former assistant to the US President and the Russian Ambassador discussed mainly the stability issues in the middle East. And after the administration of the 44th President Barack Obama sent 35 Russian diplomats, Flynn called on Moscow to cautious responses, not to put in a difficult position for the administration to trump, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Transcripts of conversation Flynn and Kislyak distributed on 29 may, the Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham (Republican from South Carolina). There were published five papers. They imply that in addition to anti-Russian sanctions, including expulsion of diplomats, the two sides discussed the middle East in General and the issue of the Syrian settlement in particular, writes TASS.

Flynn was forced to resign from the post of assistant to the President for homeland security in February 2017, due to the fact that allegedly were not fully informed Vice President Michael Pence about his conversations with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation. Later, Flynn pleaded guilty to that hid from the FBI some information about contacts with Kislyak. Trial on case of former adviser of the American President is still ongoing. On 7 may, the U.S. Department of justice announced the termination of the criminal proceedings against Flynn. Now it is expected the court’s decision in district of Columbia.