The court mud fight is over, but the dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is not. The actress is now expressing herself in detail on US television for the first time.

US actress Amber Heard (36) complains after losing the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp (59) on social media.

«Even someone who believes that I deserve all this hate and spite… Even if you think I’m lying – you can’t look me in the eye and say that you think I’m on social media gave a fair representation, »said Heard in an excerpt that the broadcaster NBC published in advance after an interview with the show «Today». “You can’t tell me you think that was fair.”

In another excerpt, the actress again took a stand on the verdict of the jury members: “I don’t blame them,” said Heard. You even understand it: “He’s a popular character and people think they know him. He’s a fantastic actor.”

After a six-week defamation trial, in which the ex-husbands accused themselves of domestic violence, the jury almost two weeks ago largely sided with Depp – but also agreed with Heard on some points. According to the verdict, the actress has to pay Depp more than $ 8 million in damages.

In the bitter exchange of blows, Depp enjoyed a huge fan advantage. The star was greeted by cheering supporters in front of the courthouse every day. Under hashtags like

Immediately after the verdict, Heard was disappointed: “The disappointment I feel today cannot be put into words,” she wrote on Twitter. The fact that the jury largely did not believe her despite a “mountain of evidence” breaks her heart. She also sees the judgment as a step backwards for other women in a similar situation.

Additional segments of the interview with TV presenter Savannah Guthrie were scheduled to air this Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.