For Amber Heard, it was emotional moments in the courtroom. Her former girlfriend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington and her ex-husband Josh Drew both testified via video link.

The interrogations of Amber Heard’s former best friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington and her ex-husband Josh Drew were transmitted into the courtroom via video link. The statements of the two were recorded and both legal teams had the opportunity to question the witnesses. Both were also interviewed on May 21, 2016. It’s about an incident that Amber Heard had already described. According to her statement, Depp threw a mobile phone in her face. Depp’s legal team has accused Amber Heard and Raquel Pennington of orchestrating damage to the couple’s penthouse and injuring Heard. Pennington denies the allegations and testified in tears after looking at photos of Heard’s injuries. Josh Drew told the court he didn’t see Depp smash furniture.

He went on to say that he was showing police officers through Depp and Heard’s penthouse that evening. An officer said to him, “The apartment is damaged, her face is red. If she reports it, we’ll have enough to pick him up.” Amber Heard was catatonic after the incident. Depp was never reported by Heard because of the incident. He described bruising and a more swollen face on Heard. Drew said he learned what allegedly happened from his ex-wife, Raquel Pennington.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial: Pennington denies staging

She had previously testified in court about the incident. She described getting caught up in a row between Depp and Heard in May 2016. Amber Heard screamed for help. “He screamed and screamed,” Pennington said. “I put my hands on his chest and say, ‘Stop it, just stop it’, I’m just trying to calm him down.” She added, “He slapped my hands away so I went straight to Amber,” NBC News reports.

She denied the allegation that Amber Heard and she staged the argument and the vandalized penthouse. “Wine was spilled in the hallway,” Pennington said. She further testified that she saw Depp swing a magnum wine bottle, knock objects off the counter and knock over a bar cart. In addition, Heard’s former girlfriend stated in court that Heard had never made up injuries. The opposite was the case. She often tried to cover up the injuries with make-up. Heard’s best friend was mocked online for her tearful statement.

No punches seen

Josh Drew and Raquel Pennington both claim they never saw Depp punch Amber Heard or throw anything at her.

Josh Drew was part of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s inner circle. In 2015, Josh Drew and Raquel Pennington moved into Johnny Depp’s penthouse and were the couple’s neighbors.

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