On Thursday, Amber Heard took the witness stand again and emotionally explained how the trial and the headlines had a great impact on her emotional life. Cross-examination with Johnny Depp’s lawyer then got heated and Heard made a mistake that could have serious consequences.

It was her last chance to convince the jury: On Thursday, Amber Heard took the witness stand again, just like Johnny Depp had done the day before. The “Aquaman” actress responded emotionally to questions from her own attorney, Ben Rottenborn.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Final Statements

The picture she drew of her inner life after six years full of press reports was dramatic. She has panic attacks, her friends, family and partners are given instructions on how to touch her and how to talk to her. As in previous moments on the witness stand, Amber Heard sobbed and always turned her answers to the jury. She just wanted to move on and forget about Johnny Depp, she explained.

She looked significantly different when cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez. As soon as Vasquez started speaking, Amber Heard reacted defiantly and turned to answer the 37-year-old’s questions. Similar to Johnny Depp the day before, you could tell how much she rejected the other side.

And Vasquez’s questions were tough. Heard’s “Lies have been shown to the world many times, haven’t they?” Vasquez asked at the outset. “I haven’t lied about anything I’ve said here,” countered Amber Heard. Attorney Heard then spoke to various witnesses who spoke out in favor of Johnny Depp. For example, supermodel Kate Moss, who testified in court via video link on Wednesday that Depp never pushed her down a flight of stairs. Heard testified on the witness stand earlier in the trial that she hit Depp because she feared he would push her own sister, Whitney, down a flight of stairs. She was thinking of a story that was brought to her that Depp did exactly that to Moss.

Amber Heard speaks out about Kate Moss

“You didn’t expect Ms. Moss to agree to testify that this never happened, did you?” Vasquez probed. “Wrong,” Heard replied. “I know how many people would come out of nowhere to support Johnny,” she said. “So you’re saying that Ms. Moss has to ‘come out of the blue’ to testify for Mr. Depp?” Vasquez replied, amused. Moss’ statement does not change that she was afraid for her sister because she heard the rumor, Heard explained.

A little later, the actress made a mistake. “I know how many people will come and say anything for him. That is his power. That’s why I wrote the article. I addressed the phenomenon of how many people will support him and succumb to his power,” she explained. “He’s a very powerful man and people love to endear themselves to powerful men,” Heard said.

Sentences that could have consequences. Because Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit is about the very article in the Washington Post that Heard addressed. Depp accuses her of slandering him and thus damaging his career. So far, Amber Heard has insisted that the article is not about Depp. “The only one who has ironically made it about himself is Johnny,” she said on May 16. On Thursday she contradicted her own statement.

Vasquez is likely to write off her cross-examination as a success. She bullied Amber Heard so much that she not only addressed the Washington Post article herself, but admitted it was written about Johnny Depp.