On TikTok, Johnny Depp thanked his fans for their support and talked about looking ahead. Now Amber Heard has responded and condemned his words.

Almost a week after the verdict in the trial of his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has registered on TikTok. The actor posted a short clip there on Tuesday, which shows him playing the guitar on stage, among other things, but also his fans, who regularly waited for him in front of the courthouse with placards. Depp thanked them. “We were together everywhere, we experienced everything together. We walked the same path together. We did the right thing together, just because you cared. And now we will look forward together,” wrote the 58- year olds. Heard has now responded with a statement.

“While Johnny Depp says he’s looking forward, women’s rights are going backwards. For victims of domestic violence, the verdict means you have to be afraid to stand up and talk about it,” a spokeswoman for the actress said. Heard has already announced that he intends to appeal. A Virginia court last week awarded Depp more than $10 million in damages for defamation because Heard wrote in an article, among other things, that he was a “public figure who represents domestic abuse.” Heard was also awarded two million.

Millions of followers on TikTok for Johny Depp

The case has come under criticism because it was publicly broadcast on cameras for weeks and public sentiment against Amber Heard quickly spread on social media. The “NY Times” wrote about the “Amber Heard Hate Machine” on TikTok. Even before the court, Heard spoke about the online hatred against her. “I’m harassed, embarrassed and threatened every day. (…) People want to kill me and tell me that every day. They want to put my baby in a microwave and tell me that,” said Heard in Virginia.

The fact that Depp now registered with TikTok, where clips from his supporters went viral for weeks, ensured success: within a very short time he had over seven million followers on the platform.

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