Degtyarev said that will work with the channel without intermediaries - a Free Press

the Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev said that working with the people of the region he intends, without intermediaries. Degtyarev said that under the intermediaries is referring to MPs, party and government officials.

“I Will rely on the residents of the Khabarovsk territory. I propose to create a national Council and now gather in his people — opinion leaders, just those who ask sensible questions in communication. That is direct democracy without intermediaries impressed me. Under the intermediaries understand the party, MPs, local leaders”, — he told in interview to the edition “Kommersant”.

Mikhail Degtyarev promised to adhere to Sergey Furgala, who was arrested on suspicion of the murders committed in the early 2000-ies.

Sergey Furgal, the arrest of the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai

Degtyaryov, first came to the participants of the protest action in Khabarovsk.

the Trial of Forgalom should be open: Degtyarev was supported by residents of Khabarovsk Krai

In Moscow the action in support of the residents of Khabarovsk ended in mass arrests

In Khabarovsk ended with another mass action in support Furgala