Home Breaking Democrats require trump to declassify a report on the murder Khashoggi

Democrats require trump to declassify a report on the murder Khashoggi

Democrats require trump to declassify a report on the murder Khashoggi

the Family of Jamal Khashoggi publicly forgave eight men, whom a court in Saudi Arabia found guilty of the murder of a journalist in 2018. However, this has not diminished the attention of U.S. congressmen, primarily from the Democratic party, to the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom many suspect of the brutal murder.

Democrats require the administration of Donald trump, she has published a secret report on involved in the murder of the Saudi officials, among them the crown Prince.

it Should be noted that after the investigation of violent death Khashoggi in Istanbul the United Nations released its report, which refers to “convincing evidence” of the fact that Prince Mohammed was involved in the murder of a famous journalist. The CIA, reportedly, came to the same conclusion.

“it is Impossible definitively to be responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, until the administration did not divulge what he knows the American government about who in the Saudi government has ordered, carried out and tried to hide the murder, told Al-Monitor, the Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives, Democrat Adam Schiff. — Congress should take further legislative steps to ensure that the declassification prepared by the intelligence report.”

Adopted last year the law authorizing defense spending included the requirement to trump the administration to submit to Congress unclassified version of the report about the murder of Khashoggi. The draft law included sanctions against everyone named in the report of a Saudi official. It is the position of the house of representatives almost unanimously (405 to 7) supported, but the final law did not include sanctions because of opposition from the White house and its allies-Republicans in the Senate.

trump’s Administration refused to provide Congress a report in unclassified accordance with the law. Instead, in February, intelligence was sent to legislators only unclassified part of the report, explaining that the full text will endanger “sources and methods of analysis”.

“We know nothing about possible damage to U.S. national security in declassifying the February report, said Al-Monitor assistant to the Congressman-Democrat on condition of anonymity. — Failure to comply with the property law, which requires you to give a full report about the murder Khashoggi, raises concerns. National intelligence Agency in turn uses secrecy to hide public interest information”.

Former Chairman of the Senate intelligence Committee, Republican Richard Burr, who resigned earlier this month, in a joint letter with Congressman Democrat mark Warner also urged the administration to trump to immediately declassify the report.

In the days of democratic Senator Ron Wyden, another member of the intelligence Committee, have threatened to resort to a rarely used Senate of the mechanism: to vote for declassifying the report and legislation to force the White house to make public the entire document.