The Danish domestic intelligence Details that are supposed to show, that Iranian agents attacks on exile-Iranians have planned in Denmark. A suspicious man had made of photos from the place of residence of the leader of an Iranian separatist movement, informed the secret service. The authorities had feared, therefore, that an attack could be imminent. Then you had the 28. September a large-scale operation of the police, started: hundreds of police and soldiers had been in use and the country was closed for several hours bridges to Sweden.

The Suspect, who is said to have made the photos was a 39-year-old Norwegians with Iranian roots. He was on 21. October in the Swedish city of Gothenburg have been arrested. According to a report by the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK, he had been until shortly before his arrest in Iran.

the Danish government summoned ambassadors from Tehran

The Danish authorities to throw the man to have in the country and a stop planned to be spies. The aim of this were suspected members of the Arab struggle movement for the liberation of Ahwaz. Ahwas is a majority of Arabs inhabited city in the southwest of Iran.

As a result of the uncovered attack plans, the Danish government recalled its Ambassador from Tehran. Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced that to check together with the neighbouring countries and the EU economic sanctions. “Iran must see that we know what is happening, and that we will not accept it,” he said during a meeting of the Nordic Council in Oslo. The EU-Commission in Brussels, said: “We take any threat to security in the European Union and every incident extremely seriously. Therefore, we stand in solidarity on the side of the member state Denmark.”

Iran speaks of a conspiracy

Iran, the Danish allegations had been denied on Tuesday. It was the accusation of a conspiracy, had said foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi. The goal is that Iran’s relationship with the European Union to undermine it.

the end of September, Iran was accused of, among other things, Denmark, the country would accommodate “some of the members of the terrorist group”, according to Tehran for an attack on a military parade in Ahwaz on 22. September was responsible. In the attack 24 people were killed. To known fact, the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS), in addition to the Arab underground group for the liberation of Ahwaz.