Denmark was allowed to finish the construction

the Europeans have stepped up the support for the gas pipeline project through the Baltic sea from Russia to Europe. Danish energy Agency (DEA) has authorized the company 2 the Nord Stream, the project operator, to build a gas pipeline “Nord stream 2” in the Danish waters by means of pipe-lay vessels with anchor positioning, said in a statement to the Danish authorities. In the end, the project enters the homestretch.

the New gas pipeline “Nord stream 2” is placed parallel to the existing “Northern stream-1” and built almost entirely left to lay a pipeline in the waters of Denmark. The highway goes through the Finnish, Swedish, Danish and German sea areas and comes ashore on the coast of Germany. All licenses obtained in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark, authorities have gradually granted permission for the project.

the United States imposed sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” a year ago — in the end, international companies were forced to withdraw from the construction of their marine pipelaying. But Russia has decided to finish the pipeline on their own. In February 2020 pipelay vessel “Gazprom” — “Academician Chersky” — came from the Russian port of Nakhodka, then, rounding the southern tip of Africa, in may arrived in Kaliningrad. Then the pipe went to the shores of Germany and docked in the German Harbor of Sassnitz. “Academician of the Chersky” lays pipe with the support of accompanying cargo ships, in particular, of the ship “fortune”.

The subsidiary of Russian pipelayers no dynamic positioning systems — electronic systems keep the vessel at a given point. This type of system was specified in the application to sanctions. But after the sanctions, Russia has remained the only pipe-laying with anchor positioning system. So I had to submit a new application to receive bitdecision construction of the pipeline.

5 Jun 2020 2 Nord Stream AG submitted a request to the Danish authorities about the possibility of using pipe-laying vessels with anchors. It is now approval is obtained and completion of the construction possible in the shortest amount of time.

the US Plans to expand sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” is not changed the opinion of the German government about the need to continue the project, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. “The fact that there are thinking about sanctions or may initiate a new will not change our position on the “Nord stream-2”, — said the head of the German foreign Ministry. According to him, the sanctions that are being discussed, are extraterritorial in nature, and in Berlin they are rejected.

New US sanctions may prohibit cooperation with any foreign companies with the project “Northern stream-2”, including insurance and technology companies. But in Germany, expressed readiness to give the US response in case of sanctions against the project.

the Expansion of US sanctions against the gas pipeline project “Nord stream — 2” block investment in the completion of its construction in the amount of about 700 million euros. According to the project operator — the company Nord Stream AG 2 — States proposed additional sanctions in an already difficult economic situation directly affect more than 120 companies from more than 12 countries in Europe.