Superstars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are at war in a Virginia court. But in the past few days, the focus has increasingly been on the Hollywood star’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

‘Ms. Heard, That Wasn’t My Question’: Camille Vasquez was undeterred in the Virginia court as Amber Heard tried to avoid a straight answer on the witness stand. She kept repeating her question until Heard was left with no choice but to admit that she hasn’t yet donated all of the money from her divorce — as originally promised.

Camille Vasquez: Johnny Depp’s lawyer the secret star

The persistent lawyer made her breakthrough last Monday, a clip of the cross-examination went viral a little later and Camille Vasquez’s name was suddenly on everyone’s lips. The 37-year-old managed to put Heard in a bad light, portraying her as dishonest. A big partial success for Team Depp. The actor accuses Heard of having accused him of domestic violence in an opinion piece for the “Washington Post” and thus damaging his career. Heard has filed a counterclaim.

Johnny Depp can be seen again and again in the courtroom, exchanging ideas with his lawyers, whispering something to them or grinning. It seems the Hollywood star gets along well with his representatives. Camille Vasquez also made sure that her star client was fine. Observant observers could see her inquiring about Heard’s well-being after cross-examination and hugging him.

love rumours

The chemistry between the two is so good that there are already first rumors of love. On TikTok, users have already posted compilations of all the looks they gave each other, accompanied by romantic music. Some Depp fans had t-shirts printed that said “I love Camille Vasquez”.

On the way to court, Vasquez was asked by a reporter for the online magazine “TMZ” if there was anything to the rumours. The attorney just smiled and continued walking resolutely into the courthouse.

“Camille Vasquez is the undisputed star of the Depp trial. Her appropriate tone, succinct questions, absolute command of the facts and clear belief in her client are commendable,” tweeted attorney Kathleen Zellner, who herself defended Steven Avery, whose story in the Netflix documentary “Making A Murderer” was told.

Camille Vasquez was born in 1984 to Colombian immigrants. She studied art, communications and political science at the University of Southern California and then transferred to Southwestern Law School, where she studied from 2007 to 2010.

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