In Germany there is travel chaos and celebrities are also affected. The model Stefanie Giesinger took her followers on Instagram on a flight odyssey.

As a model, Stefanie Giesinger travels quite a bit for work, but this is extremely exhausting and nerve-wracking, especially in the current airport situation. On Instagram, the model took her followers on her journey.

Together with her friend Leni, Giesinger made her way to Morocco in a good mood, but the two were never to get there. The ladies’ trip ended in total chaos at Madrid airport, where the model and her friend were briefly stuck. Typically Giesinger, however, she simply laughed away the situation in her Instagram story and sent a quick prayer to heaven in a video with the request that she can continue her journey after all. Laughing, the two friends say the “Our Father”.

Stefanie Giesinger experienced one faux pas after the other at the airport

A story slide later, the 25-year-old also stopped laughing when she made a list for her fans of what she had already experienced on her intra-European excursion: “Got up at 3:40 a.m., first flight was delayed, second flight missed , suitcase gone, period, no more flights to Morocco, no more flights to Berlin, disoriented, stranded in Madrid,” writes the former winner of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

Giesinger ironically says to her list in a depressed tone: “Nice life, we have it great!” After countless hours of waiting, which the two friends while eating and hanging out at the airport, they finally managed to catch a flight back home. Arriving in the dark, Giesinger posts in the late evening hours from the starting point, Berlin Airport, that the journey is over: “Been on the road for 19 hours – for nothing.”

Although the model shared with her followers a funny fun fact that an Instagram member who calls himself Jesus had seen her airport prayers, but it didn’t help the model. The trip seems to fall through, as is the case with many other holidaymakers at the moment.

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