Die Welt:

the gas Pipeline “Nord stream — 2” is almost completed, and the US has almost no ability to prevent this. This writes the German newspaper Die Welt, noting that Moscow has found a way to circumvent us sanctions against the participants of the project.

we are Talking about what the ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, formerly owned by Gazprom, now recorded on the current Russian STIF Fund, reports RIA Novosti. In February, “Academician Chersky” came from the Russian port of Nakhodka, then, rounding the southern tip of Africa, in may arrived in Kaliningrad. Then the pipe went to the shores of Germany, and this month docked in the harbour of the German Sassnitz.

There the crew is preparing to fulfill the mission of world political significance, writes the German edition: to build a Baltic sea the last part of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. According to it, natural gas will come from Russia to Germany.

Previously, the first wave of sanctions forced the contractor of “Gazprom” to stop the laying of pipes. The Kremlin said that the new us sanctions will be another manifestation of unfair competition, and that they are contrary to international law.

According to the head of the movement of Russian Germans for the party “Alternative for Germany” Eugene Schmidt, in the German establishment there is an understanding of the need to support the “Nord stream — 2”. “First, “Nord stream” is fully in the interests of Germany, because pipeline gas is much cheaper than the alternative American gas, which the Americans are trying to push on the European market. Actually, this is the reason for the sanctions, that is an act of unfair competition, — he said in the beginning of June in interview to TV channel “Russia 24″. But under pressure from us sanctions, of course, no one dared openly to oppose them. And now the politicians, including the ruling coalitionstion, reasoning aloud that if the introduction of sanctions by the United States to impose retaliatory sanctions on American liquefied natural gas”.

the US Plans to expand sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” is not changed the opinion of the German government about the need to continue the project, said this week the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. “The fact that there are thinking about sanctions or may initiate a new will not change our position on the “Nord stream-2”, — said the head of the German foreign Ministry. According to him, the sanctions that are being discussed, are extraterritorial in nature, and in Berlin they are rejected.