Dieter Bohlen is back at “DSDS”. In 2021 he stood in front of the camera together with his girlfriend Carina. Will she come back too?

Carina Walz (38) has been the woman alongside Dieter Bohlen (68) for more than 15 years. Carina largely shies away from the public side of the TV veteran. At the beginning of 2021 she made an exception: for many years she accompanied her partner on the set of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and stayed behind the scenes. At the last foreign recall by Bohlen on Mykonos, she was seen for a guest appearance. According to Dieter Bohlen, this was a spontaneous idea he had at the time.

Carina did a good job – and gained sympathy in the “DSDS” fan base. So many that rumors arose as a result that Carina could play a bigger role in the coming seasons. After the temporary end of Bohlen on RTL, however, these speculations were history. Until now: A few days ago, the broadcaster confirmed that Dieter Bohlen will be part of the 20th and last “DSDS” season again. Does that also apply to Carina?

Dieter Bohlen raves about his girlfriend Carina

In an interview with the celebrity magazine “Exclusive”, Bohlen raves at least about his partner in the highest tones and reveals that she is completely behind his comeback. “We actually found the time quite nice, I was sitting at home the whole time,” said Bohlen. She said to him: “Think about it carefully, if you really want to start again.” But Carina also supported him and said: “You can move to any place on this planet, I would always come with you.”

He has been looking for the superstar for 19 years, and after 40 years he has finally found the right woman. But that’s fair: “I’m entitled to it too! I had so many – what do you call it – mistakes, but I was lucky once.” Maybe soon together again in front of the camera?