Dieter Hallervorden married his girlfriend Christiane Zander. The comedian’s third marriage will definitely be his last.

At the young age of 86, actor and comedian Dieter Hallervorden dared again. Together with his longtime girlfriend, the former stunt woman Christiane Zander (56), he has entered into the bond of marriage. The two have been a couple for around seven years, for Hallervorden it is the third marriage – and if the couple has their way, also the last, as they revealed to the “Bild” newspaper.

“Christiane and I […] see life as a gift that you should enjoy to the fullest. Wedding conveys a feeling of happiness. And happiness is the only thing that gets bigger when you share it!” Says Hallervorden. Marriage also gives “the confession ‘I love you'” a completely different meaning because it is now “intended for ever and ever”.

Before the fun in the form of a honeymoon, the two still have some work to do. After a joint guest performance at the Kammertheater in Karlsruhe, however, they wanted to “flimble a bit in July”. The location is still up for debate.

A star performance for the day of honor

One of the guests at the wedding was reportedly TV personality Julian F.M. Stockel (35). He posted a video of the moody event on Instagram, in which Roberto Blanco (85) was singing the song “Tell me Quando, tell me when” for the newlyweds.

Hallervorden’s first wife was the actress Rotraud Schindler, with whom he has two children. His second marriage to Eleonore Blume lasted 25 years, and they also have two children together.