Explanatory clips from “Terra X” are already available on Wikipedia. The association Wikimedia demands that even more such content should be made publicly accessible.

The association Wikimedia Germany requires public service broadcasters to make part of their content freely available for further use. Educational and knowledge content under public law should be freely usable, said Managing Director Christian Humborg of the German Press Agency at the digital trade fair re:publica in Berlin. He also pointed out that the company finances the broadcasters.

There are already approaches: ZDF initiated a project years ago in which explanatory clips in the “Terra X” format are also freely available on the Wikipedia platform with the appropriate licenses. Pupils, for example, can use the content for presentations in class. “Terra X” is known for its documentaries on history, archaeology, animals, the environment and geosciences.

“Terra X” videos have already been clicked 40 million times

ZDF program director Nadine Bilke speaks on a podium at the fair about 40 million views of the clips on Wikipedia so far. Usage is increasing on its own platforms, while usage on Wikipedia has meanwhile settled at a certain level. ZDF plans to continue the project. It is not known whether there will also be further content from the station for free use in the future. One is in talks, says Bilke.

The non-profit association Wikimedia Germany was founded in 2004 by voluntary Wikipedia activists. He mainly supports volunteers who work for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.