the Federal government and the country want to make schools in Germany, 25,000 euros for the purchase of Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets ready. A corresponding agreement should the 6. December will be under the slide, reported the news Agency dpa and the newspaper Handelsblatt. The devices should be tied to the respective schools, therefore, stands in a draft of the agreement.

The Federal government wants to make the so-called digital Pact, the countries of a total of five billion euros for the school digitization. So far, the Federal government is not responsible. Before the agreement can be signed, would have to agree, therefore, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat only a fundamental change in the law.

the coalition to negotiate in the Federal government with the FDP and Greens on a bill by Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD). For the amendment of the basic law by a two-thirds majority in the Parliament and in the Bundesrat was necessary. As it was known in negotiating circles, is due to be signed the agreement of the Federation and the länder, therefore, provisionally, reported the dpa. For the decision of the amendment of the basic law in the Bundesrat is a meeting on the 14th. December in question.

The draft Agreement according to which the countries commit a portion in the amount of at least ten percent to contribute to the investments in digital education. Among other things, should be promoted in schools, the Expansion of Wi-Fi, the development of learning platforms, school servers and interactive boards.

Minister of education, Karliczek appeals to the greens and the FDP

Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), called on the FDP and the greens, the amendment of the basic law to agree. “If you accuse the Greens and the FDP to us that the digitization takes to long, now you have the Chance,” she said. “Teachers, parents, children – all are waiting for it.” FDP and the greens had made in the past few days, clearly, to insist that the Federal government must invest not only in technology, but also in a better personnel situation at the schools.

the President of The conference of Ministers of education, Thuringia’s education Minister Helmut Holter (Left), said the dpa, the negotiations were far advanced. Now it was time for the last step, so that the money could flow next year. “We need to bring our schools are finally on the amount of time,” said Holter.