The Cisco Germany boss certifies the company’s uninterrupted innovative strength. The changeover to the faster WLAN standard WiFi 6 is progressing “at the speed of light.

According to the IT provider Cisco, the German economy is in a better position than is often assumed when it comes to digitization.

«I think it’s too pessimistic to claim that we missed out on digitization. If we had overslept so much, there would no longer be many German world market leaders,” said Cisco Germany boss Uwe Peter at the Hanover Fair.

The innovative power of German companies is unbroken. In addition, German industry is currently converting “at the speed of light” to the faster WiFi standard WiFi 6. “As Cisco, we don’t see that anywhere else in the world,” said Peter.

The manager admitted, however, that many in Germany find it difficult to set up digital business models and services. «In Germany there is a lack of basic digital education. I would like IT to be taught at school in addition to physics and biology,” said Peter. When he flies to the USA, he is always surprised: “When I get on, everyone has a car newspaper in their hands. When I fly back, everyone has a computer newspaper in their hands. The Americans think differently – and that enables other innovations.”