Tatütata, the fire brigade is here! More than 1,000 firefighters compete in the German Championships in Mühlhausen, Thuringia. Two guest teams from Austria and Luxembourg have also registered

From Friday to Sunday, more than 1,300 firefighters will compete in various team and individual disciplines at the German Fire Brigade Championships in Mühlhausen, Thuringia.

In addition to teams from all over Germany, two guest teams from Austria and Luxembourg have registered, as the German Fire Brigade Association announced. The event forms the qualification for the competitions of the World Fire Brigade Association CTIF from July 17th to 24th, 2022 in Celje, Slovenia.

780 participants in 60 groups are registered for the traditional International Fire Brigade Competition alone. Disciplines include a 400-meter relay race, in which the eight members of a team must each cover 50 meters and overcome obstacles such as an escalating wall or traverse an eight-meter tube. A jet pipe acts as a «relay stick».

At the international fire brigade sports competition, 156 participants in 13 groups and 18 individual starters are at the start. The individual disciplines here are the 100 meter obstacle course and climbing the hook ladder to the third floor of a 10.85 meter high tower. Within 15 seconds, the firefighters cover a running distance of around 35 meters and climb the tower. After each floor, the hook ladder must be pulled up and hung on the next floor.

In addition to the participating firefighters, 98 referees and construction workers make the competitions possible. Due to the corona pandemic, the German Fire Brigade Championships from 2020 had to be postponed and are now taking place in Mühlhausen this year.