Hohenpeißenberg, As the police because of the home tells on demand, was the dispute within a family clan that lives partly in hohenpeißenberg, partly in Austria. The Parties are far to the layers related to each other.

On Sunday night between 20.30 and 20.47 p.m. the Situation escalated within the family completely. It all started with a 20-year-old, three members of the family sprayed because heimerin in the Creek road through an open kitchen window with pepper spray.

After this incident, there was a further escalation of a family dispute, initially, to a pursuit with a motor vehicle, in the area of the Inn of the sun culminated in the main road 92, a 20-year-old Weilheimer cut with his pickup truck, a car and ausbremste.

Then an 18-year-old Austrian with a baseball bat is said to have smashed the window in the car. In addition, a 46 should have rushed-year-old Austrian, his attack dog on the people in the car. Furthermore, it should be in the dispute of the two vehicles, a firearm and a knife in the game.

In the previous investigations, the presence of a firearm and a knife could be, as yet, not verified. The family members are contradictory in their statements. Therefore, the police are looking for disinterested witnesses to the incident. You should report 0881/6400.


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