While it used to be common practice to wallpaper the children’s room, today more and more parents are turning to modern design options. Because they save time, money – and nerves. Today we present three creative ideas for wall design (including instructions) in more detail.

While wallpaper is still very popular in private homes, decorative wall design has gone out of fashion in public rental apartments. Not because the selection is too small – in fact, the time and cost factor play a decisive role. Because the fact is: A wall color can be painted over or replaced more quickly. But here, too, the effort is enormous to give the children’s room a new coat of paint. It is much faster and easier to embellish the bare walls with decorative design elements – such as a photo wallpaper, wall stickers or a border.

Applying wall stickers: instructions

Wall stickers are by far the simplest and fastest form of children’s room wall design. They (usually) stick to all surfaces, i.e. not just smooth surfaces, but also woodchip wallpaper or textured plaster. Provided, of course, that the walls are dry and dust-free. The selection of motifs suitable for children is almost endless: Whether dots or stars, luminous stickers or jungle animals – there are no limits to the design possibilities. Nevertheless, you should consider a few tips before you apply the wall stickers in the children’s room, such as:

And now there are a few instructions on how to apply the wall stickers at regular intervals: Take a square piece of paper or cardboard – for example 40 x 40 cm, depending on how large the distances between the stickers should be – and hold it like this on the wall with one of the corners facing up. Now use it like a kind of placeholder between the stickers if you stick them to the surface one after the other. Important: Only press the stickers lightly at first so that you can move them again if necessary. Only when you are satisfied with all positions are the wall stickers pressed with the smooth palm of your hand.

Attach photo wallpaper: instructions

In contrast to a normal wallpaper, the photo wallpaper is only attached to one wall – and in the end forms a large-scale motif, such as a mountain landscape or forest animals, Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh. Since the materials (usually paper or fleece) are very thin, the surface must always be clean and dry, smooth and dust-free. In other words, if the walls in the children’s room have just been freshly painted or newly plastered, you should wait at least three to six weeks before attaching the photo wallpaper. And of course there must be no old wallpaper on the affected wall. Small cracks and holes should also be filled up, as fine bumps would later push through the thin wallpaper.

If you want to attach the photo wallpaper afterwards, proceed as follows:

More detailed instructions on how to attach a photo wallpaper can be found here.

Attach border: instructions

If you only want to set small accents on the walls, doors or furniture as part of the children’s room design, self-adhesive borders are a good choice. Here, too, the use of tools such as a spirit level, a squeegee or a rubber roller is indispensable. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, it is easy to attach the motifs (e.g. clouds or llamas, space or hot air balloons) to the wall. They stick to all dry, level and adhesive surfaces. The only important thing is that you attach the border straight (use a spirit level for this) – and follow the steps below: First, peel off the foil, position the motif on the desired surface and press the border evenly. Then check whether all edges are straight. If this is the case, take a rubber roller or squeegee and smooth the material down.

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