Mallorca, the popular Spanish holiday island in the Mediterranean, attracts millions of tourists every year who long for sun, beach and relaxation. But among the numerous questions that visitors ask themselves, the question that always comes up is whether there are sharks in the sea off Mallorca.

Sharks have a fascinating but also frightening attraction for many people. Through films like “Jaws” or reports of shark attacks in the media, they have become symbols of danger and unpredictability. However, the probability of encountering a shark off Mallorca is extremely low.

Although the Mediterranean is home to a variety of shark species, including the mako shark, the hammerhead shark and the blue shark, most of them are harmless to humans and tend to reside in deeper waters. Sightings of sharks near beaches are extremely rare and are usually attributed to errors or mix-ups.

Sharks are primarily predators that feed on fish, seals and other marine animals. Attacks on humans are extremely rare and often result from mistaken identity when the shark mistakes the human for prey. Most shark species tend to avoid contact with humans and prefer remote areas.

Marine researchers emphasize that there is no cause for concern about shark encounters. To date, there have been no documented cases of shark attacks on bathers throughout the Western Mediterranean.