After the fatal glacier fall in the Italian Dolomites, 13 people are still missing. The search in difficult terrain continues with drones and helicopters.

After the glacier and avalanche accident in the Dolomites, the search for other victims has continued since Tuesday morning.

Because of the danger of further ice and rock falls, the work is initially limited to overflights of the area with drones and helicopters, as a spokeswoman for the mountain rescue service described.

Emergency services are not allowed to enter the glacier cone. After Sunday’s accident, 13 people are missing. Seven dead have been confirmed. There were also eight injured, including two Germans, who are in a clinic in the province of Belluno.

The mountain rescuers fear that it could take weeks or even longer before all the dead are located and recovered from the ice and rubble masses. The avalanche, which hit a number of alpinists on Sunday afternoon, has meanwhile settled and become very severe. You can only dig with technical equipment, which under these circumstances cannot be brought to the spot, said mountain rescue chief Maurizio Dellantonio.