Donald Trump is not passed from the shadow to the light in the esteem of the French, far from it – it saves 65% of opinion adverse. But it is less unloved and bad opinions against it have fallen by 16 points in one year, according to the results of a survey on 7 and 8 November, in the aftermath of the mid-term elections, by Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting for Le Figaro and France Info.

Certainly, the u.s. president is still not popular in France, but the proportion of people with a bad image of the american president is increased from 81% in November 2017 at 71% last June to “fall down” to 65% today. “At that rate (-16 percentage points per year), the stirring head of the White House will not be more unpopular in France before the end of his mandate,” said the pollster in the presentation of the results.

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According to the survey, the mitigation of the negative image of Trump is highly distinctive sociologically: the popular categories are significantly less criticism than the executives and the French the most affluent. Thus, it is always also hated by the social categories above: his image is very poor (79%) with management and French with high incomes (84%). On the other hand, this picture does not reach “that” 57% if you ask the workers, and even 51% if one turns to the French on the lower income.

Always perceived as “racist” and “dangerous”

the fact Remains that, in detail, the image of Trump in France remains fundamentally negative, according to Odoxa and Dentsu-Consulting. Man is always perceived as someone who is “racist” and “dangerous” by more than eight in ten French. Some 84% of French people consider as “racist” and “dangerous” (83%), while 69% of the respondents do not hold for “brave” and 79% do not consider it not “competent”.

How, then, explain the relative improvement of the image of the american president in France? “Simply because if they don’t like what it is, they may feel less negatively a part of what he did,” says Odoxa Dentsu-Consulting. The French are, in fact, a majority (57% ) agree that the protectionist measures it has implemented are positive for employment in the United States. And that, even if respondents to the survey believe that these measures are very harmful for Europe (90%), and the global economy (87%). Donald Trump is as well better considered… from the point of view of the interests of Americans, even many of those on this side of the Atlantic, criticizing his positions.

In total, the decline of its bad image does not mean that the French would like to see elected as a “Trump French” – an idea to which eight out of ten people are hostile to it. With one exception, the supporters of Marine Le Pen, they are a large majority (61% compared to 37% for the other political sides) to call their vows a “Trump French”, in this case their leader at the head of the Rassemblement national (RN). Also, when we asked all of the French that makes them think of Donald Trump, 54% cite Marine Le Pen.

How Donald Trump is perceived by the French, published by LeFigaro