In a bizarre TV show, Mehmet Oz once examined Donald Trump and fibbed profusely. Now the heart surgeon is running in the Senate primaries – with the help of the ex-president. His opponent also comes from the Trump camp.

Every two years, elections are held in the United States, and if you want to get on the ballot papers, you first have to win the party primaries. And they are happening now. These votes always give a first impression of the mood in the country – and there is still no way around Donald Trump. Although no longer in office as US President, he is still considered a kingmaker in the Republican Party. Which in turn leads directly to his former personal physician Mehmet Oz.

Trump camp goes against itself

The 61-year-old doctor wants to move into the US Senate for the state of Pennsylvania in the fall. To do this, however, he must first pass the area code. His competitor, Dave McCormick, was a former hedge fund manager who worked under George W. Bush at the Treasury Department. Politically, he clearly has more experience than Dr. Oz who was touched as a heart surgeon. The only problem is that he has the support of many of Donald Trump’s confidants, but unfortunately not from the ex-president personally. He’s sided with his old doctor.

Among the Republicans in Pennsylvania, the Trump camp is, to a certain extent, competing with itself. Unsurprisingly, the two candidates are almost equal: after the first count, McCormick (31.2 percent) led ahead of Mehmet Oz (31.1 percent). However, the relationship reversed during the course of the election evening, and now the doctor is very slightly ahead. However, the statutes of the east coast state provide for a recount if the voting difference between two candidates is less than 0.5 percent. However, this may take some time, as not all ballot letters have been delivered.

Medical check-up on TV

dr Mehmet Oz actually had an excellent reputation for a long time, which he ruined with television appearances and questionable recommendations for remedies. Shortly before his time in the White House, Trump had consulted with this same Dr. Had Oz give a check-up appointment – and staged this get-together as a TV show. In front of the cameras, the Trump fan attested his presidential candidate a (surprising) body mass index of 29.6, a penchant for fast food and, in general, a bulging vitality: “He will be the healthiest president of all time,” said Oz at the time. In any case, the flattery could now pay off for him.

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