Discounter Lidl is currently offering an electric car on subscription. The monthly costs for this are 222 euros – if you pay attention to a small detail.

While manufacturers from the USA or Germany mainly build relatively expensive electric cars that are rarely classified below the middle class, China is one step further: Cars like the Elaris Finn can’t do much, but they only cost a fraction of a Tesla or Volkswagen.

Offer only valid with discount code

The discounter Lidl is now marketing the electric microcar on a subscription basis via the “Like2Drive” car subscription service. It should cost 222 euros a month to drive an Elaris Finn for a year. But if you want to book the vehicle directly through the provider, you pay more.

The offer price only applies if you get a discount code in the Lidl Plus app (iOS/Android) via the “Partner benefits” menu. To do this, navigate to “More” in the lower bar, where you will find the offer. The code can then be entered when ordering the vehicle, the monthly price drops by 47 euros, the total saving is 564 euros. According to Lidl, the offer is valid “while stocks last”.

According to the subscription service provider, the vehicle will be available in ten to 14 weeks, collection in many cities is free, delivery costs a one-time fee of 249 euros.

115 km/h – around 200 kilometers away

The Chinese microcar is powered by a 48 hp engine and reaches 115 kilometers per hour. According to “Auto Bild”, the real range is around 200 kilometers, and the equipment is impressive.

The Finn comes with a navigation system, parking aid, air conditioning, cruise control, hands-free system, LED headlights, reversing camera and Apple Carplay or Android Auto. A small drop of bitterness: the car only comes with a cable for the household socket, for type 2 and CCS there is only one connection, the cable is missing.

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The 222 euros include vehicle tax, insurance and all maintenance that is due in the first year. The subscription runs for twelve months, 10,000 kilometers are included. The additional costs per extra kilometer are between EUR 0.19 and EUR 0.39, depending on the age of the driver and the total amount. More than 4,000 kilometers must not be exceeded.

If you like driving with a subscription, you are still not allowed to keep or even take over the car after the twelve months have expired. Like2Drive writes: “Three months before the end of the contract, you will be contacted and asked whether you want a follow-up vehicle. Of course, you can become proactive before we contact us and book your desired follow-up vehicle with us. The existing contract cannot be extended. An exchange after the one booked Term is mandatory.”