Initially, the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists had called for cannabis to be legalized and for a minimum age of 18 to be introduced for legal drugs. Now the drug commissioner takes a stand.

The federal government’s drug commissioner, Burkhard Blienert, has called for a new debate on how to deal with alcohol and cannabis. The SPD politician said this to the newspapers of the Funke media group.

“Our path must lead away from repression towards protection and help.” In the coalition agreement, the controlled sale of cannabis to adults and at the same time restrictions on alcohol advertising and sponsorship have already been agreed.

“The main point here is to finally accept both substances for what they are: intoxicants that cause damage to health, especially if consumed excessively and regularly.” This does not require repression, but education, better risk and health awareness among people. «The same applies to both: Both cannabis and alcohol are intoxicants that have no place in the hands of children and young people!»

Blienert commented after the publication of a statement by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists. Among other things, she called for an increase in the price of alcohol, legalization of cannabis and its sale only in licensed shops. At the same time, the chamber advocated a minimum age of 18 for the purchase of all legal drugs.