He’s back: Dieter Bohlen returns to DSDS as a juror. In an interview, the 68-year-old takes a self-critical look at his past appearances and reveals why he has not followed the current season.

It was news that surprised many: After a year’s break, Dieter Bohlen is returning to RTL and will be a juror in the last season of the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. “After two very successful decades, we will celebrate the show one last time. And Dieter Bohlen must not be missing for the grand finale. We have changed a lot at RTL, we stand for positive entertainment and we are sticking to that. We will now do that together with Dieter Bohlen also in ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’. We are very happy that he is there. It’s like usual among friends: sometimes a break is good. Together we’ll make a big, inspiring, positive last one in the coming year DSDS season,” said RTL entertainment boss Markus Küttner. Bohlen also announced that he was looking forward to his return.

In an interview with RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig, the 68-year-old spoke in detail for the first time about his time off and his comeback – and also struck critical tones. He used the break to reflect, Bohlen said on “Exclusive Weekend”. “You see certain things differently, more relaxed. This pressure was gone all of a sudden. This pressure to look at the ratings on Sunday morning is a burden, after all.”

Dieter Bohlen saw “not a second” of the last DSDS season

Since 2002, Dieter Bohlen has been the chief juror for the talent show. The 19th DSDS season broadcast this year was the first without him. Instead, moderator Florian Silbereisen, singer Ilse DeLange and music producer Toby Gad rated the talents. Bohlen said in an interview that he had “not seen a second” of the new season. “It just hurts, I’ll be honest. A show you’ve been doing for 18 years… Then I’d rather not watch it.”

Bohlen is also self-critical. “I didn’t get it myself that I came across as so tough.” As a juror, he was known for his often unflattering sayings about some candidates. “I’m not going to bend myself, but I don’t want to be that tough,” he announced of the final season. The fact that he is now returning to RTL was not a financial decision, but a “pure heart decision”.

Bohlen is supported by his partner Carina Walz, with whom he has been in a relationship for 16 years. “At ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’ we’ve been looking for the superstar for 19 years. I’ve finally found the right woman after 40 years. That’s fair too. I’m entitled to her too. I’ve made so many mistakes. But I was lucky once.” , he said.

Source: “Exclusive Weekend”