Prince Charles’ wife had to deal with criticism for a long time – now she is a respected member of the royal family. She’s still nervous after all these years in public.

Even after many years in the public eye, Duchess Camilla is still tense before important dates.

“I think everyone gets nervous before big events, that’s natural, isn’t it?” Says the wife of heir to the throne Prince Charles in a documentary on ITV for her 75th birthday on July 17. Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter-in-law also has a recipe for her nervousness: “I take a deep breath and keep going.”

Camilla was long criticized and sometimes hated by the British public. She was blamed for the split between Charles and the hugely popular Princess Diana. Meanwhile, Camilla has long been a respected member of the royal family. On her 70th birthday, the Queen expressed her “sincere wish” that her daughter-in-law would one day become “Queen Consort” – that is, Queen – when Charles becomes king.

The landscape magazine “Country Life” appointed Camilla as guest editor on the occasion of her special day and the 125th birthday of the magazine and dedicated the cover photo to her. The photo and another picture inside the magazine were taken by Duchess Kate (40), an enthusiastic photographer. “She took really great pictures and she makes it look very natural. We had a lot of fun doing it,” Camilla said of working with her step-daughter-in-law. “We did it in the garden with lots of laughter.” Camilla’s dogs, Jack Russell terriers Beth and Bluebell, were also photographed for the magazine wearing the Duchess of Cornwall’s pearl necklaces.