When Duchess Kate beamingly hugged a baby in Cambridge, Prince William was visibly nervous: “It’s time to go,” he said.

Once again, Duchess Kate (40) expressed her love for children at an appointment in Cambridge. As the mother-of-three walked through the crowd, the Duchess stopped at a mother with her baby and asked if she could hold it. “I love babies,” Kate gushed as she hugged the baby in the pink dress. The “Daily Mail” has recordings of the sweet moment.

Prince William is getting nervous

For Prince William (40), the situation seemed to trigger nervousness above all. He quickly tapped his wife gently on the arm and told her it was time to “go.” Kate then gave the scion back to his mother.

Back in February, Kate joked about William’s baby worries during a visit to the University of Copenhagen. She met some parents and their babies there as part of a mental health project she supports. The sight of the babies makes them think, the Duchess explained with a smile. William in particular would be very concerned if she met babies: “Then I come home and say, ‘Let’s have another one.'”