After Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan left royal life, relationships between the rest of the royal family have also changed. The best examples are the Duchesses Kate and Camilla.

When Prince Harry introduced the US actress Meghan Markle as his new girlfriend and they got engaged a little later, many royal fans hoped for the two together with Prince William and Duchess Kate. They represented the new generation of royals who could modernize the latently antiquated image of the monarchy.

Duchess Camilla and Duchess Kate get along really well

They were called the new Fab Four, based on the world’s most famous Fab Four, the Beatles. But it wasn’t long before the dreams of a monarchy centered around the Fab Four fizzled out. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan chose to exit royal life, and the brothers’ relationship has been broken ever since.

But fans don’t have to give up hope for a royal Fab Four entirely. Because there would still be Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. The relationship between the duchesses in particular has strengthened in recent years. It recently came out that Camilla asked her step-daughter if she could photograph her for the cover of Country Life magazine. The title is published on the occasion of Camilla’s 75th birthday. Hobby photographer Kate regularly stages family members for photo shoots.

The new Fab Four

“It’s interesting, isn’t it? Last time we sat here and talked about the Fab Four, and of course it was Harry and Meghan and William and Kate, and now we’re talking about completely different Fab Four,” said Royal expert Katie Nicholl. UK News”. Speaking of working with Duchess Kate, Country Life editor-in-chief Paula Lester said: “In fact, the pictures she took were so good that we struggled to choose just three from which the Duchess of Cornwall made her final choice Has.”

But not only the duchesses should understand each other brilliantly. Duchess Kate also has a good relationship with her father-in-law Prince Charles. Apparently, she already smoothed things over between Charles and William whenever the two heirs to the throne clashed in the past.

Hopes were high that Meghan and Kate would become friends and the Fab Four would wow crowds together. In the end everything turned out differently. And the Megxit may have brought Kate and Camilla and William and Charles closer together.

Source used: “Daily Mail”