hoarse, and sometimes to fight — the protracted dispute between two strife-torn America. So different they look at the past and present of his native country. Discussion of the monument that stands in Washington, D.C. for 150 years. He is a symbol of freedom.

Claims to someone who is on the pedestal at the protesters there. Lincoln freed the slaves and in gratitude to the black, it was dropped to install the monument. But did design white sculptor, and so the composition of modern African Americans are not satisfied.

“a Servant bows at his feet. This is ridiculous and disgusting. If he represents freedom, then they need to stand the hell are equal. You nachalnym not understand how disgusting this monument!” said one of the protesters.

the Monument was surrounded by a fence and a police ring to somehow protect. The country has already damaged more than 100 monuments.

trump is threatened by vandals ten years in prison. In his Twitter, the infinite, the orientation of the FBI and the police on those who swung on the monuments.

Asking for help is increasingly not one. Police for fear of charges of abuse of power, just drive by shooting gangs. The protesters demand that the police budget cuts.

In the cradle of the protest the Minneapolis city Council police Department not want to eliminate. This statement, Council members hired private security guards.

With this attitude EN masse patrol take time off, go to the hospital or laid off, and crime in the United States cleared. In new York for a month — 125 shootings — a record for a quarter century.

In Chicago in one weekend — 104 wounded, 14 killed, including three children.

“In Chicago is worse than in Afghanistan than in Honduras and Guatemala. We have many such cities. Look at Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore. Everyone’s mad when I say that it’s racist. But African-Americans come to me and say: “Thank you, sir, said of it”. To live in these cities it’s like living in hell,” said trump.

Stress adds coronavirus — 45 thousand cases per day. Unprecedented growth during the whole period of the epidemic. Three dozen States reported an increase. So, the second wave covers tourists on the beaches of Florida.

But the connection between the protests and the outbreak found neither the National Bureau of economic research or the liberal media. They are vying to convince the audience that the demonstrators who rally daily by thousands, immunity from infection.

While trump and his team for campaign rallies press denounces.

“This fall — election. We are taking the necessary steps — conducted a survey of participants at recent events. So we want to give people the freedom to participate in the political process,” said Vice-President Mike Pence.

Rebuked trump for an inept fight against the epidemic his rival Biden. 77-year-old politician spoke so that the dead from coronavirus recorded every third American: “we Now have more than 120 million deaths from the coronavirus”.

“He can’t put two words together. This man can’t speak, and he can be your President, because some people don’t like me,” said trump.

the President himself a little flattered. His work, according to polls, is now strongly disapproves of every other voter. The rating, of which there has never been a President.

the Anarchists are coming to Washington from all over America, to the Windows of the White house not just to protest, and make their Autonomous zone. Politicians to take was going down. Tents were placed. Supporters picked up equipment and supplies. For the police of their quarter closed. Requirements pass through the press.

Shooting in the camp of the anarchists in Louisville, Kentucky. The indignant citizen of one of the demonstrators was killed, another wounded. And this is Portland in Oregon. The crowd attacked police administrationment, and barricaded the city centre — next to the Autonomous zone on the map.

the Police just swept the anarchists of the captured part of the city. Gas, batons cleared the streets of protesters. They split up, but met again on the other coast. Came to terrify Hollywood stars. In Beverly hills the crowd drooled.

“Eat the rich!” — shouting protesters. But satisfied until the stars and stripes — it broke — with a demand to abolish capitalism. Part of the demonstrators, the police arrested, others left to be back and to create an Autonomous area is already in the Hollywood hills.

Text: “News of the week”