Lufthansa is adopting another practice of low-cost airlines on European routes: those who have booked the Economy Light fare can only choose their seat shortly before departure for an additional charge.

At Eurowings, it has long been subject to a fee: if you want to check in online before departure, you will automatically be assigned a seat with the basic fare. If, for example, it is a middle seat and an aisle or window seat would be more comfortable, the passengers will be asked to pay: 9 euros will then be charged for the seat exchange.

From June 21, Lufthansa will also be charging for this self-service on routes within Europe, thereby generating further additional income: Passengers with tickets for the cheapest Economy Light fare can no longer switch to available seats free of charge when checking in 23 hours before departure . This will only be possible if you pay 25 euros per route.

For customers in Switzerland, 30 Swiss francs are due, in the United States 30 US dollars. There are only exceptions on flights to destinations in Italy if children between the ages of two and twelve or people with a disability are accompanied. Lufthansa also emphasizes that small groups and families with the same booking code are not separated.

25 euros on Swiss and Austrian Airlines

The measure does not affect passengers who have booked on the higher-value Economy Classic fare, which also includes free carriage of one checked bag and a seat choice at the time of booking.

The airlines Swiss and Austrian Airlines, which are part of the Lufthansa Group, will also charge 25 euros for a seat change during web check-in in the near future.

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