the UK leaves the EU. What seemed a long time only as an abstract possibility, with the consent of the other EU countries on Sunday again, a little more certain.

From the policy, there is no shortage of gloomy comments. “A tragedy,” said EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, of a very “mixed feelings” German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Much more positive sound in comparison, voices from the economy.

the Association of German machine and plant construction (VDMA) said in a first reaction of a “fair deal to the UK,” the country should agree to it. The German Chemical industry Association (VCI), announced the approval in Brussels was “another step on the way to a regulated Brexit”. And the Federal Association of German banks praised the agreed Transition period to give “everyone Involved a Chance, the Details of the future economic relations to develop”.

large parts of the economy on both sides of the English channel were against exiting the EU. Finally, companies are the biggest winners of the European internal market. Many have benefited in one way or another from the so-often-criticized EU subsidies. But in the end, all of the warnings availed nothing. The British citizens voted with a narrow majority for Brexit.

Since then, the business wants one thing: a clear message. There are in the future duties and how high you fall from? Can offer British banks to continue their services on the mainland? What is made up of millions of workers from other EU countries, the work so far on the island?

The uncertainty is reflected in the UK for some time in Numbers: businesses held back from investing for the future – because that was so uncertain. Finally, a withdrawal from the Brexit seemed to be even conceivable. Against this Background, many companies is likely to be a sad certainty now rather than none at all. Who wants to make as head of the company, the Soft for a time after the Brexit, it can be since Sunday a bit safer to do the Right thing.

“wrecking ball to our economy,”

Nevertheless, much remains still open, especially the consent of the British house of Commons, to exit the contract. Until then, there is “no clear”, – was stated from the VCI. Also, the VDMA advises its member companies, “on a chaotic Brexit prepare”.

Against a so-called No-Deal-Brexit is likely to fight in the coming days and weeks, most recently with British business representatives. Such a withdrawal without a contract would be “a wrecking ball for our economy,” warned John Allen, chief of the influential industry Association, the CBI.

German business representatives call on the British policy. “Now the British Parliament is on the train, it is all or nothing,” said Holger Bing man, President of the Federal Association of Wholesale and foreign trade, the “Handelsblatt”. Eric Schweitzer, President of the German chamber of industry and Commerce day, warned against the newspaper: “The ‘No Deal’ is still not resolved”.

If Prime Minister Theresa May is bringing the Treaty through Parliament, and have close to the British, if necessary, until the end of 2022 a new trade agreement. So you will be able to do the tight supply chains between companies in the UK and on the mainland, receive, promised, May. “The Deal is good for the economy.”

however, the Affected see it differently – at least behind closed doors. The industry body, the CBI, spoke officially of a “progress” you’ve made thanks to the Negotiators on both sides. According to a ITV News published Email of the chief negotiators of the Association, Nicole Sykes had a fight, but against such a formulation. “There is no reason to praise the negotiator, I think, because it is not a good Deal”.

With Material from Reuters