A few weeks ago, Eintracht Frankfurt sensationally won the Europa League. Now there is trouble at the SBU, UEFA is to blame.

Due to a ban by UEFA, Eintracht Frankfurt was not able to present the Europa League trophy to the fans at a music event in their own stadium.

The Europa League winner wanted to make his trophy available for photos at the “World Club Dome”, a huge music party for fans of techno, EDM and rap, for the almost 200,000 visitors around Deutsche Bank Park. But nothing came of it.

UEFA bans presentation of EL trophy

UEFA has apparently banned the presentation of the trophy. The reason is said to have been that the music festival was not an environment with an affinity for football. In addition, the event had a different beer sponsor than the Europa League.

Eintracht President Peter Fischer is quoted in the picture: “Incredible! These are our spectators here in Frankfurt, and then we are not allowed to present the trophy in our own stadium.”

However, UEFA apparently did not want to comment on the matter.