Will Martin Hinteregger leave Eintracht Frankfurt? During the celebrations after the Europa League triumph, he finds clear words.

Martin Hinteregger from Eintracht Frankfurt said at the celebrations after winning the Europa League that it would be difficult for him to say goodbye at the moment. A few weeks ago there were rumors about a possible change of the Austrian. He also made an allusion to the speculation about Filip Kostic.

“Sometimes new, young players come and old ones have to go,” explained Hinteregger on the way to the cup celebration at hessenschau.de and added meaningfully: “But with what you see here, it would be very difficult to leave.” For a few moments he grabbed the reporter’s microphone and added: “For a Filip Kostic too.”

Eintracht Frankfurt: farewell rumors about Martin Hinteregger

Sport Bild reported in April that the central defender was on the sales list in the summer. He could go for a transfer fee of nine million euros, it said in the report at the time. In addition, there should already be interested parties from Serie A.

Accordingly, Frankfurt would have to compensate for the high losses after the two Corona years. These should amount to a total of 66 million euros. After winning the Europa League and the associated entry into the Champions League, the financial situation has of course changed.

Hinteregger’s contract runs until 2024. Even then, Sport Bild reported that he would rather extend his working paper than leave the club.

There have been persistent rumors of transfers around Kostic since the summer of 2021. Shortly after the final victory, however, coach Oliver Glasner was confident that the winger, who wanted to force a move to Lazio before the season, would stay. “He has one year left on his contract. I don’t think it was his last game.”