Election rally trump disgraced and gathered a few people

Family frontman of American rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tom petty dissatisfied with the use of one of the songs of the musician at a campaign rally of President of the United States Donald trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are talking about released in 1989 song I Won’t Back Down. A rally in Tulsa, held the day before, was the first mass event with the participation of trump from the start of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers became known in the United States in the second half of 1970-ies. Himself Tom petty in October 2017 died at the age of 66 years old from a drug overdose. He suffered from several ailments, including emphysema, and hip fracture, was prescribed painkillers. According to the conclusion of the coroner, the death of the musician was accidental — the body could not stand “cocktail” of several opioids, two sedatives and anti-depressant.

Trump is in no way allowed to use the song I Won’t Back Down for his political campaign, which “leaves out too many Americans and common sense,” said the native musician. According to them, and the late Tom petty, and his family against racism and discrimination of any kind.

“Tom petty would never say that his song was used in the hate campaign, the statement says the family. — He liked to bring people together”.

In a statement issued petty family on Twitter, confirmed that they sent an official notice of violation to the headquarters of the trump.


— Tom Petty (@tompetty) June 21, 2020

During other presidential elections in 2000, Tom petty himself demanded to stop using the same song at campaign rallies of the future President George W. Bush, reminiscent of The Rolling Stone. Against improper use of their songs at rallies trump previously played the frontman of the American rock group Aerosmith Steven Tyler, singer Rihanna and musician Pharrell Williams.

this in itself trump rally in Tulsa on the eve gathered far fewer people than organizers expected. According to The New York Times, this could contribute to teenagers from the social network TikTok and fans of the musical genre K-pop that emerged in South Korea.

Monday, June 15, the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump brad Parscale stated that it received more than a million applications for tickets to the meeting. However, attending the event, journalists reported that the turnout was low.

According to the NYT, teenagers from TikTok and K-pop fans said that “as a joke” reserved “potentially hundreds of thousands of tickets” to the rally trump is certainly not going on it.

It was once the headquarters of the trump encouraged to reserve free tickets for the pre-election rally, reports RIA Novosti. Video instructions on how to do it and a call not to attend the rally spread to TikTok and gathered millions of views.

According to an employee of the fire Department of Tulsa Andrew little, at a campaign rally trump gathered a total of 6.2 thousand supporters of trump, although BOK Center, where the event took place, could accommodate 19.2 thousand people.