The politically charged cookie group Anonymous published a movie hammering the SpaceX and Tesla CEO to get”constantly trolling” cryptocurrency markets.

“For the last several years you’ve enjoyed among the very favorable reputations of anybody from the billionaire class since you’ve tapped into the desire that many people need to reside in a planet with electrical automobiles and space exploration,” a individual sporting a Guy Fawkes mask using a digitally modified voice said from the movie, submitted to Twitter Saturday.

“Lately… people are starting to view you as a different narcissistic rich dude who’s desperate for attention.”

The message came following Musk posted yet another mysterious tweet about Bitcoin that devalued the advantage Friday.

“Countless retail investors were actually relying upon their crypto profits to boost their own lives,” the amount in the movie stated. “Obviously they took the risk upon themselves if they spent, and everybody knows to be ready for volatility at crypto, but your tweets this week reveal a clear disregard for the average working individual.”

Anonymous, that has been connected to cyber attacks on police departments, politicians, financial businesses and religions, proceeded to issue what seemed like a vague warning to the tycoon.

“You might believe you’re the cleverest man in the room, but you have met your match. We’re Anonymous! We’re legion. Anticipate us” the man said.

Musk didn’t tackle the thinly veiled threat right, but approximately 20 minutes following the group’s article, Musk tweeted:”Do not kill what you despise, Save what you love.”