Elon Musk: Tesla boss takes on US Democrats


    Elon Musk has openly announced his disapproval of the US Democrats on Twitter. There he announced that he would vote Republicans in the future.

    Tesla boss Elon Musk (50) once again spoke out about his political views via Twitter. In his post, the richest person in the world announced that he would also support Donald Trump (75) in the next US presidential election. “I used to vote for the Democrats,” Musk begins his statement. These have always been “the party of friendliness” for him.

    But according to Musk, that is no longer the case: “But they have become the party of division and hatred.” He can no longer support them and will make his cross with the Republicans in the future. As justification and at the same time outlook, Musk pushes that one should look at the “dirty campaigns” of the Democrats against him.

    Elon Musk: Where does the grudge against the Democrats come from?

    Musk is currently in the process of buying the short message service Twitter. The deal, which is actually fixed, is currently on hold, but experts assume that this is only a subsequent price negotiation. Musk announced that he would reopen ex-President Trump’s suspended account if he took over. He justified this with the premise of “freedom of speech”, which is highly established in the USA.

    This announcement met with some fierce criticism, especially in the Democrat camp. If Trump were unlocked, the floodgates would again be wide open to hate speech and deliberate fake news from the Trump team. This dangerous behavior has nothing to do with freedom of speech and is not conducive to an already divided nation, according to leading Democrats. Musk is thus making himself a henchman for Trump and his followers, who could possibly challenge incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden (79) in the next presidential election.